Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AlertGPS Safety Wearable?

AlertGPS safety wearable is a simple way to keep people connected and safe anywhere in the world. Whether at work or on-the-go our safety wearables and mobile apps offer round the clock voice calling, location information, and the most comprehensive safety alerts on the market today. Whether you are a parent looking to connect with a child too young for a cell phone, an administrator focused on classroom safety or an executive managing employees in hazardous situations, we offer the quickest way to communicate, locate and send emergency notifications. These safety notifications can be auto triggered (ex. classroom intruder alert or child in speeding car) or manually entered (ex. weather evacuation) and sent via voice, SMS, email and IPAWS-OPEN.

What if I want to use my cell phone; is there an app that offers similar functionality?

Yes, the AlertGPS App is designed for individuals who prefer to use their cell phone but still want the safety alerting and GPS monitoring capabilities found in the AlertGPS Safety Wearable.

How does it work?

Using flexible attachment options, the safety wearable allows the wearer to conceal the device in a variety of ways. The device communicates directly with a monitoring center or a person’s ‘circle of trust’ – up to 10 designated people – via their mobile phone &/or a private online SmartLocator Dashboard. You can track as many safety wearables as you’d like using the same app &/or dashboard. The AlertGPS safety wearable allows for voice communications, has a one-touch calling & SOS button for emergency situations and provides instant location information. Additionally, it is the most advanced safety wearable on the market when it comes to safety alerts, which include – SOS, SafeZone, Speed, Predator, Breadcrumbing, Low Battery, Device ON/OFF and Device Inactivity.

Tell me more about the Safety Alerts.

Safety alerts, for example, let you know automatically that someone has arrived at or left a pre-set location such as a school, an office building or even a crowded area like Disney World. You can set up to 20 virtual fences. You can also get alerted if someone is traveling in a vehicle when they should be walking or comes within 500 ft. of a sex offender’s home. If the device is turned OFF/ON, is inactive for a period of time or is low on battery, you will get notified. On the run and don’t have time to login and check a person’s location? With breadcrumbing alerts you can have the person’s whereabouts sent to you automatically. You set the schedule, minutes or hours, and receive regular email and/or App Alerts with the exact location of the person or persons.

How does the GPS tracking capability work?

GPS updates are sent every 5 min. or on a more frequent interval, if needed. These updates are viewable on a map through an Android App, iOS App &/or a private online Dashboard that supports an unlimited number of safety wearables.

Can I see my safety wearable history?

Yes. A 90-day activity history is visible on the Dashboard and is downloadable. After that, the history is archived.

Is the two-way voice similar to a cell phone?

Yes, minus a keypad and screen. The safety wearable can receive calls anytime and the user can call out by pressing 1 easy button for both SOS and non-emergency calls.

Can anyone track my AlertGPS Safety wearable?

No. When you logon to the AlertGPS SmartLocator Dashboard, you will be able to designate a monitoring center &/or individuals that will be able to receive alerts that are customized for them. You control who has permission to view your account, their access level and which devices they can monitor. Additionally, you have full control over changing these names any time.

How far will the AlertGPS Safety wearable locate?

Our system is designed to locate the AlertGPS Safety wearable anywhere in the United States within the expansive AT&T service area. If the product enters an area without GSM (or cell phone) coverage, the GPS feature will not be able to report its current location until it re-enters an area with network coverage.

What is the accuracy of the GPS in the Alert GPS Safety wearable?

Today’s GPS receivers are extremely accurate, thanks to their parallel multi-channel design. Certain atmospheric factors and other sources of error can affect the accuracy of GPS receivers. The Amber Alert GPS Safety wearable is accurate within 15 meters (49 feet) 90% of the time. In an open sky environment, users can see accuracy within a few meters (5-10 feet).

What is the size of the Amber Alert GPS Safety wearable?

H: 2.8”, L: 1.5”, W: .8”

How do I power-on the Amber Alert GPS Safety wearable?

Press and hold the power button located at the top of the device for 10 seconds. All three LED lights located in the center of the device will light up momentarily indicating it is powered on and the blue LED light will blink every 8-10 seconds.

What do the light indications tell me?

The center blue blinking light is the GSM light. It indicates that the product is ON and has a GSM or cellular connection. The second blue light that is located on the right side of the LED panel is the GPS indicator. It will remain solid blue for a few seconds when it has obtained a GPS fix. The red light located on the left side is the battery light. It will be a solid red during charging.

How long does the battery last?

Under normal use, environmental conditions and five-minute tracking intervals, the battery can last about 48 hours. Please note that different environments can affect the battery.

How do I charge the product?

Plug the Amber Alert GPS Safety wearable wall charger into the USB port on the device. Initial charge should be 4 hours. It is critical that you use the charger provided with the safety wearable. Using a different charger can cause malfunction of the product.

Is the product waterproof?

The Amber Alert GPS Safety wearable is water resistant, but not waterproof.

What is your standard warranty?

12 months manufacturer’s warranty

Do you offer technical support?

If you need technical support, you can call 888-334-3958 or reach us via email at