AlertGPS CEO Highlights Lone Worker Safety at Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit

Dr. Alan Baratz, President and CEO of AlertGPS, highlighted the critical issue of lone worker safety at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit in Houston, Texas last week.

AlertGPS is a key sponsor of EWTS. 

In a kickoff Group Discussion called The Impact of Wearable Technology in the Enterprise,…

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"How Can I Get the GPS Location of My Child?" -- and Other FAQ's

"How do I get information about my child?" We often hear questions from concerned parents and family members who want to know how our device works -- at a technical level. How accurate is the GPS? How many satellites are we using? How frequently do we receive updated information? Here are some answers to the top FAQ's. Hopefully this can shed some light on the technology that we use to help you…

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Are Your Kids Too Young for a Cell Phone?

"Mommy, my friend Sarah has a cell phone! When do I get one?" Kids these days are asking for cell phones at younger and younger ages -- but that doesn't necessarily mean they're ready for one. Are you not sure whether your child is old enough for their own phone? Don't worry -- you're not alone. Plenty of parents are wondering whether or not their kids are ready for a phone. Let's take…

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Amber Alert GPS - Wins the 2014 AZ Innovation Challenge

By Mary Anne Keegan, CMO Amber Alert GPS Plenty of states give out awards. But Arizona took this a step further. It put money on the line. Big money. The Arizona Innovation Challenge (AIC), powered by the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), commits $3 million annually in search…

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The Features and Functionality of Amber Alert GPS! (Part 1 of 7)

Part 1 of the 7 part series: Want to know more about our smart locator and how Amber Alert GPS will fit into your family? We are doing a 7 part series of the features and functionality of our device, and below is part 1 of 7:   Feature 1: GPS Location Reporting/Battery Life   One of the most important features of our smart locator is…

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