AlertGPS CEO Highlights Lone Worker Safety at Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit

Dr. Alan Baratz, President and CEO of AlertGPS, highlighted the critical issue of lone worker safety at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit in Houston, Texas last week.

AlertGPS is a key sponsor of EWTS. 

In a kickoff Group Discussion called The Impact of Wearable Technology in the Enterprise, Dr. Baratz and his fellow speakers discussed the real promise of wearable technologies in the workplace. They talked about employee-facing applications, such as corporate wellness, employee engagement and employee monitoring. They also discussed consumer-facing applications, as well as operational and behind-the-scenes applications.

Later that afternoon, speaking on a panel called The Value Proposition: Heads-Up & Hands-Free, Dr. Baratz and his fellow panelists discussed how wearables revolutionize decision-making and workflow, as well as their impact in communication between colleagues, clients, customers and partners.

The group also discussed how businesses can use wearables to access real-time data, collaborate, retrieve knowledge, and collect visual feedback about working environments.

EWTS is the only event that focuses entirely on the use of wearable technology in business and industry. The conference focuses on industry-specific applications of wearable technology, as well as strategies for the adoption of wearable technology in the workplace.