Workplace Safety Article Roundup - April 2015

Welcome to the latest monthly edition of news about workplace safety.

OSHA Issues New Guidelines on Workplace Violence Prevention for Healthcare

Summary: OSHA is addressing workplace violence in high-risk areas such as healthcare and social services. OSHA's Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Healthcare and Social Service Workers received…

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Improving Incident Response Time: An Effective Method for Reducing Injuries and Fatalities

When it comes to workplace safety, most employers think first about prevention. Employers commonly focus on improvements that make the workplace safer and decrease the likelihood of an injury or accident. But how can employers minimize the severity of those injuries, once they occur? Improvement to response time is just as crucial as prevention. While prevention lowers the volume of injuries, response…

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Why Companies Can Benefit from Mass Notification Capability

Imagine the following scenario: John, a high-school music teacher, is giving a lesson on this history of brass instruments when one of his students pulls out a gun in the back of the classroom. John needs to inform the principal right away, but his cell phone is tucked inside his messenger bag, inside a desk drawer. He doesn't have time to open a drawer, pull out his bag, root through the contents,…

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